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Where is my helmet made?Updated a year ago

Ruroc was born in the UK, Gloucester which is located in the South West of England. To this day our HQ is still based in Gloucester, our expert engineering team who are responsible for the design, development and testing of all of our products work directly from Ruroc HQ, along with our Marketing, Customer Experience and Quality Control team.

All Ruroc helmets are now manufactured by Ruroc's team in our own purpose built factory in China, which is headed up by members of our production team from HQ. This means we have full control over the every step of production including the materials, assembly methods and paint processes.
With our own drop testing facility inside the Ruroc HQ our engineering team are able to run regular performance batch testing to confirm the safety and reliability of our helmets is exactly where we want and expect it to be every time.

Our Ruroc helmets additionally go through a vigorous QC process carried out by our in house Quality Assurance team based in Ruroc HQ before being dispatched out to our Ruroc riders.

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