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What can Berserker be used for?

The Berserker helmet is the perfect mix between off road styling meets street performance, the Berserker helmet  is optimized for Supermoto & Street legal quad bikes. However the Berserker helmet can be used on the motocross scene, ATV'S, Naked Bike

Can the peak be removed?

You can remove the peak from the helmet yes, you would need to do this with the visor tool which is supplied with the helmet. You can also adjust the peak by sliding this up and down to suit your riding style.

Are any of the vents closed on the helmet?

There are yes! The side vents on the helmet are both closed. This is also the same with our ATLAS helmet range.

Do the lenses fog up?

Not at all! Our Berserker helmets support our patented RAID system. This allows increased air flow into the helmet resulting in the goggles not fogging.

Can I wear glasses underneath the goggles?

You sure can, our goggles support glasses use. We have a lot of riders who use glasses when riding with our helmets, both our ATLAS and Berserker helmet support OTG use.

Can I use my RG1-DX goggles be used with berserker?

Unfortunately not. The RG1-DX goggles are a lot smaller than the goggles needed for the Berserker goggles. Therefore they would not be compatible with the Berserker helmet.

Is the sizing for the Berserker the same as ATLAS?

Sure is, the berserker helmet will share the same shell size and interior sizes as our current 2.0 helmets. If you are stuck you can always check out our sizing guide, this will give you the best idea for sizing for our helmets. Click here to check o