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What certifications does the RG1-DX have?

The RG1-DX has the following Certifications; EN1077A, EN1078, ASTM F2040.

What is an Asian fit helmet?

Heads come in all different shapes and sizes. Our Asian fit helmet caters for those with a more rounded head, we've moulded a protective EPS that is specifically shaped to fit! On top of this we've increased the depth of the foam on the nose of our A

What is the Raid airflow system?

Glad you asked 😁. If you look at your goggles you will notice two notches in the top portion of the frame, then look at your helmet near where your forehead will be you will also notice two open channels between the outer shell and the interior of th

Can I wear glasses under my RG1-DX?

Our goggles are designed to fit standard frame glasses underneath but it ultimately depends on the size of the frame.

Do the new RG1-DX masks fit with my older helmet model?

Yes! New masks are compatible with all original RG-1, RG1-X and RG1-DX helmets. Be aware they may need more of a push on the mask clips with helmets bought before September 2016.

Why do my lens keep fogging?

The first thing to check is that you're wearing your helmet correctly, sounds simple but it makes a huge difference! You need to make sure the goggles are sat flush with the mask so that the air can flow through the helmet. Wearing a balaclava, buff

Am I wearing my helmet correctly?

Probably! But let's make sure. If you put the helmet shell on first, then mask and finally the goggles you should be good to go! (Don't forget to push the goggles behind the mask so they sit flush.)